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Critical Analysis - Measure What Matters

This week I have started to read “Measure What Matters,” by Katie Paine for class. This is the third and final textbook we have to read for class. Over the past few weeks while taking this Principles of Social Media course through Ohio Northern I have learned a lot about the worldwide web as a whole and the positives and negative aspects of social media. In this textbook, there was a lot of good information on what we should focus on while browsing the web. When “measuring what matters” we must concentrate on building relationships with people. To be successful and go places in life we must grow in the relationships we have with others. Relationships help you in the business world and also in your day-to-day tasks whether that is on social media or face-to-face communication.

In the book, Paine talks about “It’s all about you,” and I could not agree with her more in every way. When dealing with social media it’s all about your actions and words, and the engagement we have that decides the type of person that we are on social media. Someone that lives in the moment and is up to date online does not care about the quantity or number of relationships/friends they have on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Instead, they concern themselves with the quality of each of their relationships to create a better network for themselves. When we have quality relationships rather than a quantity of them we then create more profit for ourselves and our businesses. As people trust us more and are more comfortable to share their wealth and information with you the wealthier you become.

When creating quality relationships, it is not the easiest thing to do, and it can take some time. It requires focus and not only hard work to build these relationships. A continual management of these relationships is required for them to be successful. Measuring our relationships with others is a fundamental foundation to having individual and also business success. The better our relationships are internally and externally; the better our business becomes.

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