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Everywhere you go on the Web these days it is full of videos, from highlights for a sports game, a newscast to an annoying advertisement. Most videos are streamed through the largest video engine, YouTube. YouTube is a large library of videos that shows anything you want to watch. Over the past couple of years, along with the other social media engines, YouTube has seen a substantial growth in usage. People are posting more videos for people to watch and are also watching more videos themselves. Due to the increase in cell phone usage, more than half of the videos played on YouTube are done on cellular devices.

With more and more videos being posted every day the opportunities for businesses to advertise on these videos increases. Advertisement through YouTube is becoming an increasingly used tactic for marketing. In some statistics by Forbes, it is estimated YouTube makes around two billion dollars a year on video advertisements. YouTube accounts for nearly 20 percent of the video advertisement market in the United States. With YouTube usage increasing every day, this number could only grow over the next few years.

YouTube is a tool that is used across all disciplines and is very useful for business professionals. Professionals are using it for projects in the workforce and students are using it to create assignments. This past week for class we had to create a video for the Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Video contest. These videos are short in length (two minutes or so) and utilize the different features YouTube and video editing programs have to offer. We posted these videos on YouTube and also on our blogs for Internet browsers to watch.

So many people today are visual learners and would rather see something in front of them rather than it spoken out loud. This is also a reason for the increase in visual aid usage and is that is a direct correlation to the rise in usage of YouTube. Whether it is from listening to music or watching funny videos on YouTube, there are many videos people across the globe enjoy watching on a daily basis.

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