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ONU Blog - Eating Well in Ada

Ohio Northern, ONU, the Polar Bears, such a different place than what I was accustom to growing up. Throughout my childhood I grew up in Columbus where everything you wanted was at your fingertips and there was so much to do but once I got to the little town of Ada, Ohio it was sort of eye opening and different. Something that I had to get used to but also a decision that I’m glad that I made.

In the small town of Ada it is only one main street and only a couple of restaurants to choose from but we make the best out of it! My teammates and I have developed a set schedule for where or what we eat depending on what day of the week it is. Monday’s and Tuesday's are usually days that we cook in our apartment, Wednesday’s are for Padrone’s “Wild Wednesdays” or East of Chicago “Buy 1 Get 1 free Buffet Night,” Thursday’s are the best night of the week, the night our team invades El Campo for some good Mexican food and margaritas. Every Thursday has become sort of a holiday for my teammates and I as we love us so El Campo! Lastly on Friday, with the weekend finally upon us we travel on down to The Beagle (one of the two bars in Ada) for forty cent wing night and three dollar Bud Light pitchers. Friday nights are always a fun night for us because the wings and beer are cheap and as college students we love cheap things! Northern on Main or NOM is something no other town has but the great town of Ada because it is owned by Ohio Northern University. Northern On Main is a lot like Panera Bread and Starbucks combined into one quick little restaurant. This place is great to grab a quick lunch or dinner with a teammate, friend or family. The last big restaurant unique to the town of is Viva Maria, an Italian joint just off the main road. This is a weekend, sit down restaurant for most people that come visit Ada. Viva Maria is a cool place to eat as it is in the old armory located in Ada. The tables where the customers eat are actually located on the basketball court in the armory!

There are also other great chains and restaurants like McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway that you may come across while you are visiting Ada. These aren't obviously unique to Ada but they are convenient to have because of how quickly you can get a meal. Ada is a small town, but definitely special to us students at Ohio Northern. Each restaurant in Ada is different in its own way but every restaurant is great! With only a handful of restaurants to choose from many outsiders do not understand because they have not lived in it like the students of ONU. Growing up in such a different place than Ada has made me realize how special Ada is and that is why we have made so many memories together. Whether your in the mood for some Mexican food, maybe some Italian food, just want to pick up a pizza quick for the night, grab a sub during lunch or get some bar wings and beer one night, Ada has pretty much "everything" a college student would want to eat.

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