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PR/Social media Blog - 140 characters is changing the world

In this day in age, a good portion of people and businesses are on Twitter. Since 2006, Twitter has grown from around one hundred and forty million users posting daily to nearly five hundred million. For those that do not know, Twitter is set up to send short posts that only allow you to use one hundred and forty characters per tweet. With so many Twitter users tweeting daily, it’s almost the norm now to tweet on a regular basis. The speed at which Twitter and other social media engines are increasing is rapid, and the pace at which they are increasing do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

These days there ranges from users that you know personally, like your friends, relatives, coaches or professors, to sports stars o
r actors that you idolize. So much is at your fingertips when you are browsing on Twitter. Many people believe it is the faster way to relay information or release news because of how many people us it daily and are on it constantly.

Social Media and more specifically Twitter has changed the game. Twitter is no longer just a way to communicate with your friends or business partners; it is becoming a way to engage with the world. With the increasing growth in social media and Twitter, it is bound to not only be something we use on the side during our daily activities but it is going to become an integral part of our lives.

You might not think you can change the world with only a small tweet, and you may not be able to but think of it this way. If you are genuine and useful with your tweets, resolve problems, offer valuable information, or maybe you post something that makes someone’s day, then maybe you helped the world microscopically. Then, maybe you do it again with another tweet and again and then sooner or later you have multiple tweets that have helped people across the globe.

Your chances of changing the world through just a small one hundred and forty character tweet have just intensified and that when Twitter was created back in 2006 is what Jack Dorsey intended it to do.

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