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PR/Social Media BLOG – Social Media Impacting the Business World

Social Media is continuing to develop and grow every day. The way technology has impacted our lives already is unbelievable and social media is part of that impact. In just the past 5 to 10 years social media has evolved from Myspace and Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat and many more. Businesses are realizing the exposure they can receive from using social media engines. Marketers for businesses understand that by using social media it increases the amount of traffic flow of viewers to their business websites. By creating a social media website or page for their businesses, marketers have seen an increase in viewers and customers. Many people these days prefer researching and viewing information about businesses over social media rather than the businesses official website because it is what they are used to and are comfortable with using.

Social Media isn't just impacting our individual lives with the way we can communicate with family and friends, but it is also impacting companies with their networking. With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being the 3 most used social media platforms, marketers and recruiters can now receive and give out all the information they want on social media. Marketers are able to post openings for jobs at their companies on social media platforms so potential applicants can view the openings. Recruiters can then find all the materials they need about a potential candidate for a job through their profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. Of all the benefits with social media platforms, the biggest is probably the leads generated by businesses through social media usage. In order to generate capable leads through social media, your community has to trust you, be engaged and have a need for what it is that you offer. By utilizing social media, businesses can create these leads and improve their businesses.

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