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PR/Social media Blog - World of Nomophobia

Technology has changed the world that we live in today and cell phones are definitely a part of that change. According to CNET, In a society that has about six billion people across the planet, over five billion of those people have a cell phone, and that number increases by more and more mobile subscribers every day. Today, cell phones have evolved into a computer in the palm of people’s hands and have made lives for people a lot easier and communication faster. These tiny “mobile research devices” have helped us in more ways than we can imagine. All this may seem great, but is it really good for our world? 

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Today, someone walking down the street in New York can talk, text, or video chat with someone in Hong Kong. If we like it or not cell phones have made our lives a lot better and have been very beneficial in desperate times. Cell phones have given people the ability to be able to look something up in less than a second at their fingertips. People can do anything from pulling up banking information and paying a bill, to checking the start time of Peranorman at the local movie theater. The advancement of cell phone technology is also seen in advertisement commercials, from the Verizon “Can you hear me now?” commercials to Microsoft’s “Windows 7 Phone” These advertisements help show how consumers that while the advancement in technology is great for our worlds communication but when looking more in depth to how much we use our cell phones, do we actually use them too much or in excess. As shown in these advertisements, the innovation of mobile devices has caused an increase in anxiety for people worrying about their social status, creating a world of nomophobia, where people believe that they must be connected to the public at all times.

Cell phone addiction and how it is becoming a negative part to people’s lives all across the globe. By putting their phones away it gives people their lives once again and puts them back in the moment. Technology is ever evolving and will continue to advance so people will become more and more connected to the world and less and less connected to the things right in front of them.While cell phones are advancing our world and have made our lives a lot easier to locate information on the spot, cell phones have also made us blind to life itself and to the fascinating world that is happening in front of us. As technology has advanced with improved features people have become worse in burying their heads in their phones. Talking to someone in person or calling someone on the phone has become almost non-existent and instead in today’s generation people prefer to communicate in shorter forms like text or tweet. People do not live forever and time spent with family and friends and time spent enjoying the beauty of the world will not last forever so we need to cherish this time and put down our phones.

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