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Critical Analysis of Reading Blog - Real-Time Marketing & PR

Over the past week or so, I read this book for class by David Meerman Scott, “Real-time Marketing & PR.” The book actually had a lot of quality information to learn about how the world is changing and we a people in today’s society must live in the moment and live in “real-time” or else we might miss some key information. Now I cannot say that this is my favorite book I have ever read or that it is something I would pick up on a raining day but honestly reading and skimming through the book actually gave me some good knowledge about marketing and public relations as a whole.

I thought it was interesting when Scott talked about conferences because conferences and meetings are something that I sit in on or conduct every day at Emerson. When he discusses that conferences are a medium and business is quite distinct from news media I actually related to that well. With new technology most of the conferences that I have today I do not even see face-to-face everyone in the meeting. According to Scott and what we’ve discussed in the lectures, conferences are a ““back-channel” that is revolutionary because it allows listeners to discuss content while being delivered. I totally agree with that statement because the conferences that I have today with people all over the globe are not per say “lectures” where one person does all the speaking and the “teaching” or presents what they have prepared and we all then go on our way.

Today’s conferences are more structured around the team as a whole and everyone collaborates together during the meeting to achieve the one common goal, no matter what that goal might be in the end. Cisco and their program, WebEx, is something we use every day to have teleconferences and this has now brought a new virtual audience to the surface and now gives us the ability to have conferences and meetings with people that are across the globe or sitting at the other end of your building. These closed doors conferences that used to be for only those who attended them in person are now open to the world. One of the cool conferences that is now like this is when Apple has their WWDC conference every quarter and these meetings are able to be viewed live on their website. Millions of people tune into these live streams because they are interested in what new device Apple is going to announce. It used to be we had to wait until the news broke on their website or in the news but now that we can watch it liv e we can now have the information “real-time.”
David Meerman Scott makes a lot of key points that the world that we used to know is now changing and people must act quickly. People are smart, and everyone is trying to find new ways where they can become even quicker and gather information faster. Technology is growing rapidly everyday but can you even imagine it getting faster than what it is right now?


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