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Campus life is what you make of it. Whether you like sports, Greek life, partying or something in between, there is plenty to do on the campus of Ohio Northern University. People come from all over the globe to make ONU unique, and that is why Ohio Northern’s campus life is so extraordinary. Ohio Northern offers a very wide range of clubs you can join while you are attending the university. It has anything from engineering organizations like concrete canoe, or IEEE to art clubs where you can make cool art pieces and show your emotions that way. ONU has a variety of activities to involve yourself with; you just have to be proactive and attend.

Sports are also big at Ohio Northern, with over twenty-five varsity sports on the campus along with many more intramural ones there is always a sporting event going on no matter the season. ONU has a large fan base made up of alumni, current students, parents and residents that come and support the Polar Bears in their intercollegiate competitions throughout the academic school year. Polar Bear Nation is loud, and they enjoy seeing victories.

The “Tundra” is something unique to Polar Bear country in Ada. In the center of the Ohio Northern University campus is a courtyard that divides academic buildings from resident halls. This grassy area is known as the “Tundra” around campus. It is a fitting name because of the Polar Bear mascot. Throughout most of the academic school year, the “Tundra” is covered in snow and ice due to the frigid winter weather experienced in northwest Ohio. When the “Tundra” is covered with this wintry weather the nickname is then known as the “Frozen Tundra.” This seasonal nickname is even more fitting as Polar Bears love the arctic landscape. The “Tundra,” when warm and sunny, is a great place to go throw a football, enjoy the sunshine or even lay back and read a book under a shaded tree.

With a smaller student body than some larger state schools across the state of Ohio and such a small surrounding town, one might think that ONU does not have much to offer student that attend the university. Those that know Ohio Northern know firsthand that is not the case, and the student body makes ONU a great place to go to college. The nightlife is awesome for students as well, college is known for making memories and living it up. The students at ONU are no exception to that statement at all.

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